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April News

[OC] Septimus posted Apr 10, 17

Our D&D campaign has been progressing nicely. So far, we have six characters (and one war boar) adventuring in the World of Vilis. Unfortunately, they are all currently being hunted by the entire country... but I'm sure they'll make it. They had a bit of a scrape with bandits recently, but the bandits had a bad time.

In other news, one of our own has made it big! Congratulations to Zlatan for joining Method Gaming and being sponsored. Zlatan has been hard at work grinding in WoW for the last few months and has finally been recognized for his dedication. The guy loves WoW and is now doing it professionally: living the dream bud!

DDOS and D&D

[OC] Septimus posted Mar 7, 17

We had a brief run-in with some hacking activity on our landing page a few weeks ago. Someone apparently DDOSed us and attempted to delete all of our content. We bounced back quickly of course and have been running stronger than ever. You silly hackers. wink

For our Friday Party Nights, we will be focusing on games/activities that everyone will be able to have access to and will not be required to pay to join. Keep monitoring the Party post for upcoming events every week.

We recently experimented with an impromptu D&D session in Discord. It received positive feedback from everyone involved. We will be looking into making this a future event for anyone interested. It will not be an official run of D&D, and will be very homebrew at first. We will probably do horrible things and not take it seriously at all, but we'll still have fun doing it!

[OC] DarkJack Hello! I'm gonna be the one hosting a homebrew tabletop game similar to D&D next Friday. I'm not gonna...

I have word our new forum is essentially done, we're just waiting on it to be beautified. Soon we'll be able to centralize our operation and hopefully make the website much more appealing. On top of an active Discord, we would also like to have our forums alive with banter.

In other news, our Cards Against Humanity match was a big success! We had eight participants competing for a prize of a free game of their choice up to $80. At the end of the night Tantheman inevitably proved to be the worst human being of the group, scooping the win. He will be receiving a copy of For Honor as requested. Congrats Tan, you terrible person you.

Stay tuned for more events in the future!

[OC] DarkJack After about a month of editing this video when ever I was bored, it is finally done: https://www.youtube.com/watch?...
[OC] DarkJack For all those that weren't there, I have recorded the game and am in the middle of editing it for our YouTube chann...

Over the course of the last few months, the OC is starting to see some character. We're finally getting an idea of what direction we want to go as a group and our current active members are helping to shape that character.

We've shared some laughs, we've shared some frustration, but most of all we've shared experiences that help us all grow closer in our little community. Ichy has informed me the forum is progressing well and we should be seeing some excellent results soon. Concurrent with our growth, we have opened a 7 Days to Die server, as well as an ARK server with even more servers planned in the future. Perhaps best of all, we are monetarily supporting all of these servers through member donations.

Particular thanks goes out to Fae, Ardof, Zaltu, and stratagy who have been most generous in their donations. Thank you guys (and Fae!) who have been our inaugeral donators. We want to maintain this trend and keep our donations spread over several members to help minimize individual expense. We want to be entirely self sufficient in this way and maintain our philosophy of unity; a rope is strongest when it has many threads to bind it. You are the threads of our community, and we are stronger for every one of you. Thank you for joining our rope, and we hope you stick around for the ride!

New Website

[OC] Septimus posted Jul 12, 16

In the last few weeks, we've seen several new members come in to the fold and it's been a pleasure getting to know each one of them. Our community is now starting to feel like an actual community, instead of a ragtag team of miscreants. Well, I suppose we still give off that vibe but at least we're improving. In fact, we've already got a new website up and running! This site can be seen at http://origincouncil.com/.

Ichy has done a fine job getting it set up and running, and he is actively working on the backend of the site. Our goal is to implement forum functions there and ditch the old Enjin getup. She's been a noble beast, but we're heading to newer, more appealing things.

It's an exciting time for the Council right now, and I thank all of our members for their contribution to the cause. Without you, there wouldn't be a community. You gave us a chance in the beginning, and we will continue to do our best to ensure you made the right choice.

Thank you.

[OC] DarkJack I'm sorry, but it had to be done. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4sLg3cCJ3MbbXZVZWcyRnoyMGM/view?usp=s...

Recruitment Drive

[OC] Septimus posted Jun 16, 16

To all visitors and potential members, the Origin Council is now open for recruitment! My monicker here is Septimus. I am the site administrator and co-founder of the Origin Council community along with Ichy.

Here is a bit of history on the Council: Our founding was inspired after bouts of frustration with random teams not cooperating with one another, after random guilds with little to no healthy interaction, and after seeing so many new games requiring massive memberships to have an impact.

Too often does this happen in gaming; it's easy to become estranged with how disconnected and unwelcoming random guilds can be. We're looking to take that awkward factor down to zero when looking for a new community to take part in. Meeting new people can be hard let alone making friends, but give us a chance eh? Not only are we looking to make it easy to meet new people, but we're also looking to do some major gaming, which is probably why you're here.

Our current dedication varies depending on each individual game, but overall we stay fairly loyal to a game until we lose interest or it becomes relatively unplayable. With all the new games coming out though, especially after this year's E3, I'm confident running out of games won't be an issue. Personally, I'm pretty pumped to see stuff like God of War, Sea of Thieves, the new Legend of Zelda, Farpoint, and Battlefield 1.

Although there's not much to see on the site at the moment, you can help change that. We need new membership to help us build our ranks, but more importantly to provide healthy interaction with new faces and stories. I am a stickler for history, and I'd love for you to come be a part of it!

Please view our Application Form when you're ready to join up.

Again, thank you for considering our community. Please enjoy your visit and have a great day/night!

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